Thursday, June 14, 2012

Raising a Bilingual Child

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Raising a Bilingual Child
raising a bilingual child

In the few months that Baby Bear has been talking, her vocabulary grows by leaps and bounds every day.  I am always surprised when she is with my parents or sister and she says words in English that I did not know that she know.  

Since Hebrew is not my native language, it is funny trying to figure out what she wants to say.  Last week, she was insisting on :"Sookim!, Sookim! IMA! SOOKIM".  
I knew it was Hebrew because of the sounds of the word (she mostly answers me in Hebrew).
I opened the cupboard that she was pointing at and realized that she wanted tze-moo-keem (raisins). 

Baby Bear looking in the mirror

Baby usually speaks in sentence to convey what she wants. She was saying 2 word sentences right off the bat, so now it just increases all the time.  

She has to name everything that she knows now.  Each and every time a plane flies over us outside, she has to say "Plane!" or "duck" at all of the ducks outside. 

Baby Bear listening to music on headphones

Her favorite thing to do is sing.  She loves music and sings along in the car.  It has just started to progress to being able to sing an entire simple song (both in Hebrew and in English).  She also likes to count to 10 in both languages.  We practice every time that we go up or down the stairs with the numbers. 

I am so exciting to see what new things she can say every day and there are still plenty of cute baby words that she uses! 

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