Monday, June 25, 2012

Great Education Links from ISTE 2012

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  1. Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips and Resources "In this e-book find several tips, resources, and links for integrating mobile devices into the curriculum." -ShellTerrell
  2. 20 Free iPad Apps Educators Can’t Live Without! "There are thousands of free iPad Apps out there, but finding the perfect ones for you can be tough. We’ve spent hours searching for the best-of-the-best, free iPad Apps for Educators, and we’re sharing all of them with you in this eBook! Discover a multitude of free apps for professional development, cross-curricular activities, and every area of the core curriculum. This eBook is part of a webinar, "20 Free iPad Apps Educators Can’t Live Without!". View a recording of this session inside the webinars area." -SimpleK12 Team
  3. Diary of an iPad Grant Team "Follow our school site as we pilot our iPad Lab and work toward writing a grant to fund an iPad Lab. We hope to share with others our iPad lesson plans, the FREE iPad apps we found, resources and tips. We also hope to collaborate with others on their experiences and resources." -Reba Gordon Matthews
  4. Essential iPad Websites and App Guide "A collection of essential websites and iPad apps guides to support your instruction." -Naomi Harm
  5. Free Educational iPad Apps for the Classroom Grades Pre-12 "Great apps that are both free and educational for the classroom." -ldenker
  6. iPad Apps Tied 2 The New Blooms "Web resource for iPad apps from tech guru Kathy Shrock. On this site she groups apps under the following New Blooms categories: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating and Creating." -Jim J
  7. iPads in Schools "Live binder created by Mike Fisher. Links to a wide-variety of resources for administrators, teachers, & students!" -Patti Wilkins
  8. 15 iPad Tips for Teachers "Learn some “top secret” iPad tips that’ll change the way you think about your iPad’s keyboard, camera, settings menu, and more! This eBook is is a copy of the presentation slides for "15 iPad Tips for Teachers". You can view an on-demand webinar recording of this presentation in the Community." -SimpleK12 Team
  9. Apps for Students with Special Needs "This website has a comprehensive list and demos of iPad apps that are excellent for assisting students with special needs. This organization also helps students to gain iPads through donations. Each day they spotlight a different app and associated app demo." -reba Gordon Matthews
Everything Apps for the Elementary Educator 

Hebrew Through Movement

Agent Sheets 
Game Maker Software for the Classroom 
You can try this out for 90 days free.  Be sure to check out my 'how-to' posts to see how I make a sample Frogger Game at my ISTE secession.  
Then go here to get instructions to make your games and see sample.  There are lesson plans on this site. 

Brain Pop
Free educational games and places to go for game making instructions and software.  Easy to use and great looking website!  They also have foreign language sites in Spanish, Hebrew, ESL and others! 
Microsoft tools to save your files anywhere. Great for school computers so students can access work at home.

E-Learning Theory Meets Art Theory

A site that you can get a window for live commenting when you are teaching your lesson via twitter and some other social media.  This would be a great way to gauge students understanding of the topic while you are teaching.   Remember that [unlike some of us] they can still follow what else is happening in the classroom while reading and interacting with a twitter feed (some even may absorb the material better). 

Arcademic Skill Builders
Free online Eudcational Games for
Math & Language ArtsOur Story
A timeline that you can share photos, stories and video on a collaborative timeline.  I can already think of cool ways to use this!

A website where you can easily create cartoons online with cool graphics that would appeal to students. 

Self Publishing online.
Have your students turn their writing into real eBooks!

Use Flickr Images to make comic strips
Use this to comment on historical images or other things that you give your students and create a comic strip to show them their different thoughts


iPad, iPhone App that lets you explore the globe and learn about the world around us. 

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  1. I really like some of these and of my favorite is the 500 wonders of the world!


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