Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ikea Lack Table Upcycle Repurpose-Guest post by Marissa

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add some wow to your Ikea Lack coffee table

Upcycle an Old Table with Wrapping Paper
~This is a Guest  DIY Post by my sister Marissa~

She moved into an apartment and needed furnature.  In true Baby Bear Style, she stated by going Garage Sale-ing with her friend Marissa S (also named Marissa).  Marissa S. is a 'professional' when it comes to Garage Sale shopping and my sister said she had a map all laid out of the area that they were going to hit.  She actually found this Lack coffee table on the route but in the garbage.  It looked OK except for a scratch down the middle.

Marissa filled the crack with wood filler and sanded it when it was dry.

Next she did a coat of black semi gloss spray paint all over the table.  Make sure to wear a mask and spray in a well ventilated area.

Brooke ventilator mask
Then Marissa found a roll of wrapping paper that she liked.  You can also use a piece of artwork that your child did, fabric, or a poster that you like.   She adhered it to the table using spray glue and then shellacked the top to seal and protect it. 

Here is the finished coffee table

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