Friday, June 29, 2012

Cool tools for iPads/tablets & Tech Products -ISTE 2012

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Cool tools for techies
for use in the classroom and everywhere
Love this staying.. This is the way that I teach & learn!

These are some of the products that I liked from the ISTE conference and wanted to share with you.  If these are not things that you are in the market for, they may be tools that you kids will use in the classroom!

Doing math problems using fingers to get the answer.  You will need to have the group using the table work together to get enough fingers to make the correct answer.

Smart Table
Touchable table with programs that kids can do in a group
Up to 8 kids and 40 fingers at a time 

Turning Technologies Clicker for Smart Boards
These can be used to get responses from students.  They have a fancier version that has a text feature.  The software has teacher assessment tools, testing abilities and more.
Free for teacher to use to make iBooks and also read printed books.  You will receive one printed book per student or one hardcover book for the class. (The catch is that you send home a form for parents to order additional copies) 

If you don't have the money to buy WhiteBoards, then you can use a, iPad to do the same thing. Use these
converters to make an appleTV.  You an use this with your Apple Computer or iPad to make your own projection devise. 

Ipeva Chopsticks for iPads.  These you can use as a stylus and as your fingers since there are 2.  Use them to zoom and move the screen as you would your 2 fingers. 

iBallz for keeping your iPads/tablets/readers safe.  Absorbs the shock and the balls can be re-arranged to angle the screen. Very economical option to protect your investment. 

There were a lot of live camera feed technology out there, but the IPEVO company had 2 great quality cameras that were both under $100!  You can use them to project your text, show experiments on the screen, look closer at an object, etc.  He put a penny on the book and you zoomed up with the magnifying lens addition and you could see Lincoln on the penny!  

Belkin Tablet/iPad/Reader Stand with Storage Box
It is one of those simple but incredible ideas for using your iPad at work or school!

I LOVE my Silhouette Cameo and was happy to see it at the conference to show teachers how to apply it to the classroom setting.  This is a *must have* in my mind! PS. I will be featuring a follow up post with more on the Cameo.  

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  1. Thanks for including Belkin's Tablet Stand with Storage in your post! Glad you enjoyed the new product in our booth -- here's a link to more pictures if you're interested:


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