Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sun Tea Recipe for Solar Powered Thirst Quenching

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super easy sun tea recipe for solar powered tea
super easy sun tea in a glass jar

My mom always had a glass jar outside in the summer brewing tea.  I never liked it, because she always chose flavors that the kids didn't like.   

Since I don't buy juice and I would prefer organic if I did, don't have very many thirst quenching options for Baby Bear and Mr. BBH (I am a fish and could drink water all the time).  In Chicago, we had a large glass bottle that we would make fruit teas in.  I decided to buy a glass jar and start the tradition anew! 

1.32 gallon glass beverage dispenser by home essentials
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We purchased this large glass dispenser for $10.  This is a small investment since it replaces any sugary beverage that would be purchased instead. 

I only want to use glass because it does not contain any harmful chemicals like BPA and it will not discolor with the tea sitting inside.  

Things you can use to make your Sun Tea

Your Favorite kind of Tea
Green Tea has so many health benefits, but fruity teas are more kid friendly. (Pregnant women, check first to make sure that the type of herbs are OK for pregnancy.) Raspberry Leaf tea is great for Women's 3P's (pregnancy, period, and PMS- it helps tone the uterus)   
Instead of Tea bags, try getting the real deal
We love ginger, mint leaves or lemongrass, but there are so many you can try. 
Fresh Cut-Up Fruit
Any fruit works, just cut them really pretty since you can see them through the glass
Natural Sweetener
I try not to add very much, but I like to add honey or agave nectar

glass tea jar in the sun

Add all of your ingredients in your cool or room temperature water and put outside for the sun to heat up.  When your water has darkened, you know that it is ready.  

Cheater: Add boiling water and your tea is ready in minutes

Chill and serve.  We just keep ours in the fridge for cold, crisp and refreshing refills!

 You can also use frozen fruit to keep it chilled and beautiful at a party.  

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