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Apps for the Classroom - iPad and Other

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Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works ISTE 2012
Lecture by Matt Kuhn

The coolest part is that the teacher is doing his presentation off an iPad!

If you want to purchase technology get a mix of iPads and Netbooks- cheep and you can get a bunch of them to do cloud computing. Get a zagg keyboard to connect to iPad. 

3 themes of Apps that are relevant for Teachers to Use

Create an environment for learning
develop understanding
extend & apply knowledge

infinote $2.99
brainstorming idea mapping app that students can add to.

Idea Sketch - free
 brainstorming idea mapping app to set objectives with students

MindMeister -free

eclicker - free for participant $9.99 for the host
edmodo - devise agnostic app.  It is a Space for learning and interacting with students

Annotate PdF

Intro to Math $4.99

Free Grammer - free (4-5 level)

apps that reinforce learning objectives 

Monkey Thinks- Praises young children learning to speak and read.  Look at the pictures and say it out loud to the iPad.

Easy Chart HD $.99
ongoing chart making software so that students can see how efforts pay off

Cooperative LEarning

SyncPad  $9.99host, readers are free  turns your app into projection too.  One 'leader' projects to other iPads so that the teacher can share the material with students

Brainstorm Together (use with syncpad)
use the ipad like a smart board and it will projection on the screen.  Students could also get the power to project and show their thinking on problems.  

ReelDirector $1.99
Great assessment tool instead of testing. Cooperative group work- storyboard, practice, edit, listen, watch
Bring in video/photo, photos, record sounds, bring in sounds and stitch them all together.  

Brain Pop free app but $ for subscription (highly recommended as a purchase) 
assessments, games, videos, etc you will need subscription

Draw Free
collaborative drawing

WatchKnow - free
Educational videos that are free unorganized.  You can easily use this instead of YouTube for schools since it is monitored and rated by teachers as safe for student/class viewing.  

Nonlinguistic representation

Make a tutorial with students and then make available for students to watch

VoiceThread- free
Better then powerpoint software. Students can pop in during a presentation to engage and comment during presentation by other students

AudioNote $4.99
allows you to take regular written notes and add audio notes

Note Taking

Pages $9.99
word documents for iPads

PaperDesk $2.99
looks like paper and you can write and draw on it

My Editing Buddy $.99
Simple to use. 2 screens, one where students write and the other a student will correct the work and use symbols to correct it or give editing suggestions. Teaches students to write well and collaborate. 


Bobo Explores Light $4.99
sophisticated science app for older students (middle and high school)

Math Pentagon subscription required
Wide range of levels (K 12)  track progress and student performance.  

Inspiration $6.99 (webspiration on browser)
compare and contrast diagramming

iDesk Lite - free
similar to the 2 above for free

QuickGraph- free
sophisticated graphing program with scientific graphing calculator type equations . *makes the TI calculators obsolete

Generating and testing hypothesis

3D Cell Stain free
teaching about body cells, great drawings

Isaac Newton's Gravity HD- free for a few levels
illustrates the way that the formulas feel.  You will need to know and understand the formulas and laws of motion. 

Experimental Inquiry- 
SPARKvue App use with Pasco Airlink that collects data and takes measurements. 80 meter radius from iPad and collects the data (temperature, PH, etc)

Sites that recommended Apps  Apple reccommended apps  Top 20 must have Educational Apps from Appolicious Advisor 

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