Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Love of Aunts and Uncles

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Baby Bear is the first child of my siblings and I.  This is the same 'position' that I had in my family. 

man and child on a ride at mall of america

Uncle Ben with Baby Bear

I know that being the first is special because I remember how it felt to have my aunts and uncles dote on me all the time.  I just saw it from a kids perspective though and it is incredible to see the way my siblings look at Baby Bear and the love that they feel for her. 

man with baby

I knew that they would love her, but I never dreamed of the special bonds that they would have.  You can tell by the way that they look at her, and the way she responds that she loves them so much too and wants to be with them all the time.  She is so blessed to have so many people in her life that care so much about her.  

woman making silly faces at baby
Aunt Betsy (Ben's wife) 

"Mima" Aunt Marissa
Mima and Baby Bear have a very special bond because she was there when Baby Bear was born and was one of the first people to hold her and we lived in the same place as Mima when we first moved back to Detroit.

facetime screen shot iPhone of Baby Bear and Erica Villanueva

"Tiqui" Aunt Erica
Baby Bear knows when she hears the FaceTime sound on my phone that is will most likely be Tiqui and she yells her name.

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