Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Upcycled Kitchen

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For Chanuka we wanted Baby Bear to get a play kitchen.  I love all of the great tutorials that I see online where people take old furniture and make it into a really cool play kitchen. Since the gift was going to be from my parents, that was not really going to happen!  {someday I hope to make one still} I helped my mom look on craigslist for a deluxe kitchen that we could get and re-use.  My parents could easily have purchased one, but with the price of this great kitchen we found, all of the rest of the money that my parents would have spent on gifts went into her college fund.  When we brought the kitchen home, she kept saying "wow...oooOooOO" and totally loves it! Here she is busy baking, organizing, and tea partying it up!

upcycle kitchen

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