Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Natural Cleaner tutorial

This is a SUPER Simple cleaner that is easy to make, safe, eco friendly, and effective and many surfaces. The best part is that you do not have to worry if little hands get a hold of the bottle because there are no toxic ingredients. 

What You Need
Spray Bottle
Distilled White Vinegar
Essential Oil Scent (optional but highly recommended)

Take a clean spray bottle and fill it half with water and half with vinegar.
I chose lavender oil and I put 10 drops in the mixture, and 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil.  I really prefer to use Thieves Oil.  It is a mixture of essential oils that have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties plus it smells nice and so it adds a double whammie to the cleaner.

Then use it to clean on almost any surface (it is acidic, so not a good idea for granite)

I find that it helps to break down grease and oil on pots and pans when i spray it on them before I wash them off. 

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