Monday, January 23, 2012

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Re-Potting Your Plant
{& using an old plastic lid for potting drainage}


 I admit it, I neglected my plants ever since I had Baby Bear.  I used to fertilized and prune them, but alas, they are left neglected and hardly watered.  I looked at one of my sad plants and decided that I needed to revive it or toss it out.  I chose to revive it! For one thing, I love the fact that they naturally cleanse the air.  I also really want Baby Bear to grow up and learn how to take care of the earth.  

The first thing that I needed to figure out is what pot that I would be using.  I already have a really nice pot that I was not using anymore (because..a-hem..I killed the plant).  The pot does not have a drainage hole and i did not have any old clay pots around or rocks to put in the bottom.  I looked around for what I could use and took a plastic yogurt lid out of the recycling bin.

Plastic lid


Find a lid that fits in your new pot and then make holes in it with a knife or scissors.  You will need to place it on the bottom so that the rim touches the bottom of the pot and elevates the lid so that there is room for the water to collect and not touch the plant roots.

re-pot top

Mix your soil with some fertilizer per instructions on the fertilizer package.  I prefer to use TerraCycle brand because you do not need to add water and I love their business practices.  They package their products in old pop bottles and it is made of worm poop.  You can find it at Home Depot and Whole Foods Market.


Cover with a small amount of soil.  You want it so that when you put the plant in that it will sit 1/2 inch under the rim.  

pot with soil

Break up the root ball very carefully on the bottom so that a few of the roots come loose. Place your plant in the pot and fill with potting soil/fertilizer mixture up to the same soil line that it currently has.  

Water your plant, but do not over water it.  Most house plants like to wait until their soil is dry to add more water.  It is important to check on what the recommended watering instructions are.  Place your plant in it's optimum light conditions and it may look sad for a few days but will begin to perk up as it settles into it's new home.  It would also help to get root stimulator to add to the planter as per directions (Make sure NOT to get root stimulating HORMONE).


{my soap box moment}

I feel that allowing children to participate in [safe] projects and cooking around the house is a vital part of their learning.  Baby Bear is only 15 months old and I let her work with me when I am doing something [that will not hurt her].  She knows how to feed the dog because I let her help me carry the food cup to the dog's bowl.  She now likes to do it by herself and yes, she occasionally spills along the way, but our dog helps with the clean-up! She also helps when I am baking bread or putting ingredients in a bowl.  I always let her hold the fresh fruits and veggies when I am cooking before I need them so that she will {cross my fingers} want to try them.  My mom also taught her how to smell the spices in the spice holder.

                                             baby bear planting

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  1. Treasure these moments. They grow up before you know it. Nothing wrong with playing in the dirt - lol -


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