Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Play kitchen food from things you already have around the house

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Play kitchen food from things you already have around the house.
{ How to make your old containers into play food }

things for play kitchen

I talked before about how I wanted to make Naomi's Kitchen but settled on an upcycled one.  I decided that I could add my own touch to her play kitchen that had more of an handmade feel.  I collected boxes and containers that were small but that were representative of things in our kitchen that she would see me use.  

She already has a bucket of fruits and vegetables that she will use with her other play food.   I wanted to see how the containers fit and I put them in the kitchen.  Baby Bear was really interested in what was happening and came over to play.  She liked the boxes but wanted to know what was inside and it confused her that they were empty.  Next, she took out the clear plastic berry container and tried to put her fruits and veggies in. It was really exciting for her to open and close the clam shell!  

I decided that I was onto something!  I didn't even have to re-decorate the containers yet and Baby Bear was really happy.  I think that I will slowly work on making new labels for her jars and boxes.  The creamer container aka her new milk, yogurt cups with cute Trader Joe's Designs already on them and the plastic clam shells will stay as-is, but the rest will soon get a makeover!

play food for kitchen

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