Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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I saw some really amazing art storage ideas today at The Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield, Michigan.  This is only the starting point for all of the mesmerizing ideas that they have at this place. 
The first storage idea is for finger paints.  

FC paint dispenser

There are no-touch dispensers that you just press from the bottom, so you get an easy and hopefully mess-free dispense.  The paint cups are kept right next to the dispensers as well for easy usage.  Not only is it functional, but it also looks really sleek and modern as decor on the wall with the colors filled up inside.

Now my FAVORITE idea EVER!
The bubble gum machine as an art material holder and dispenser.  

art dispenser at FC

I love color that they chose so that the machines pop against the blue paint. Not only is it really fun and exciting to look at, but you can also see all of your choices for materials as its own art piece.    It is so colorful and fun that Baby Bear could not keep her hands off!  She did not want to leave this room. 

 (You can find out more about what the Friendship Circle is at 
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