Monday, January 30, 2012

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Today we worked with play dough!  Baby Bear and I took out a cute little set with a mini roller, 2 press forms and a storage bucket.  It was something that we were giving and I want to make my own colored dough so I know that all of the ingredients are safe to play with and (gulp!) eat (ugh..hopefully not!) You can even see the little bit that she tried to put in her mouth in the photo on the corner of her lips.  It was great to play with the play dough and work on the names of colors and shapes too.  She has super dexterous fingers and great small motor skills so she was able to work the dough pretty good.  I would do something first and then she was able to imitate it with her cute fingers (except the tasting part..I discouraged that!).  She liked the roller it has and also the squishing the dough onto the animal forms.   


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