Friday, January 27, 2012

V-Day Top 8 DIY finds

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 Baby Bear Hugs -Top DIY finds for Valentine's Day
top 10 DIY valentine finds
For Valentine's Day I saw so many different things that I wanted to try on Pinterest! Valentine's Day is all about telling people you love them- and who doesn't need to hear that someone love them? -with something that was handmade!  My husband who is not a native English speaker, once told someone that {when cooking} to make something taste good "You need to MAKE love in it"!  We love to tease him about that, but it is so true that something handmade with love always is nice.  I picked my favorite 8 {in no particular order} to share with you and please click on the links below to see the instructions or printables!

The Criteria that I had for picking my favorites 
that they had to have DIY instructions so you can easily make them
be made by a 'person' who blogs
materials were easy to get
something that most people could follow 

Western Valentine Printable 

Crayon Hearts 

Coffee Sleeve   

Valentines Day Arm Warmers
 Sweetheart pops by

  See Through Hearts 

matchbox valentine 

Plus I am adding this last one for an even 8 great Valentine's DIY ideas! 

Red, White & Pink 

This one is my sister-in-laws-not only is she an incredible baker but she has incredible food photos! Be sure to check it out. 

we would love to see what you are making! please share a link or email with us

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