Friday, August 31, 2012

1-2-3 Travel Activity Bag

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how to make a travel activity kit for kids and toddlers
kids and toddler travel activity kit

Baby Bear is a pretty chill kid, but even the most chill kid can get stir crazy when she has to stay in places like Dr.'s office {for my prenatal visits}, restaurants or friends houses that don't have kids.  I got sick of putting together little things to do every time we wanted to go somewhere or being stuck without toys to play with so I decided to make a kit that we could keep in the car to be ready when we needed it.

bag with pockets
First find a bag with a lot of pockets

diaper bib placemat hand sanitizer snacks

Gather the essentials
  • spare diaper {keep one for those just-in case times your run out}
  • bib & placemat for toddlers 
  • hand sanitizer {ours is a natural Thieves Oil spray}
  • healthy snacks {something that will stay good in a package}

crayola dry erase travel kit

Art Supplies

I prefer this re-useable Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center Travel kit.  This is something that she can easily use over and over again.  If you do not have this, you can put a coloring book and markers or colored pencils in your kit.  The problem with crayons is that they may melt if you keep the kit in your car.  

Crayola also makes a great new product called Color Wonder that only writes on special paper.  

books games playdough

Fun things to engage your child
  • Small Books
I like board books so that they will stay in good condition in the bag
  • Small Games
 I have a numbers game and a matching game any age appropriate game that folds up small will do.  
  • Playdough 
Playdough or silly putty is always fun to keep little hands busy with their imagination
  • Small Toys
Keep some mini toys in your bag that you child can play with

Now you are ready to label your bag to easily organize and find what you need.  You can either attach tags on the zippers or label on the fabric.

Come back and visit for our label tutorial

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  1. wow, thanks for the awesome tips on traveling with a kid. I just threw some toys together, but I plan on organizing it better for next time. I will pin this and use for later.


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