Monday, August 20, 2012

Pacifier Lovie with Tags

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I am thrilled to have Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom  guest post for me tomorrow! 

pacifier lovie with tags tutorial DIY sewing
pacifier tag lovie blanket tutorial logo

I had to make a baby quilt as gift for my best friend's new baby. I decided to use the same fabric for the baby blanket as I used for the older brother's blanket.  His older brother had the elephant on it and for this new baby I chose the alligator.  I wanted to make something small that can travel with the baby when they don't have their blankie.

materials for lovie

1 square of Eco-Fi Felt 
I chose Eco-Fi felt because it is made of post consumer recycled bottles and it is easy to work with. You can substitute any soft fabric.
11"x11" square of fun fabric
Cellophane as a crinkle material
Assorted Ribbon 
1 Plastic loop play ring
snap or Velcro (to secure pacifier)

cutting surface with eco-fi felt

I wanted to make a 9x9 inch lovie, so I started by cutting my felt to a square using my rotary knife and straight edge on a cutting board to get a nice line. 

Cut your fabric so that it is 11"x11" square if it is not already in that shape. 

fabric square laid out for lovie

You will want the crinkle material doubled so that it makes a nice noise.  It should be roughly the same size as your squares, but accuracy is not required.  

felt with fabric square

Now place your felt in the middle and fold the edges under holding it in place with pins.  If you are really ambitious, you can iron your fabric to a 9x9 square.  

Lay out your ribbons and pin them between the two fabrics.  If you are going to use a plastic loop, make sure that you have a ribbon that is the correct size.  I like to join the loop ribbon on the corner so it can easily be attached to a stroller.  

fabri-tac glue bottle and ribbon with velcro

To make your pacifier holder, you will need to sew the edge of your ribbon under so you have a nice clean edge.  Next either attach your snaps with a snap tool or glue on your Velcro with permanent fabric adhesive like Fabri-Tac.

Sew the edges using the side of the fabric as a guide to keep your stitch straight.  I like my needle in the middle of the foot when I am sewing an edge like this.  I chose a red thread so you can see the stitches and to make it more fun. 

lovie with view of stitches

Make sure that your stitches are good and pull out your pins.

~Here is your finished Lovie~

Thank you Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom!!

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