Saturday, August 11, 2012

All I want is a baby delivery MY WAY

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In Chicago I went to a midwife group (yes, they deliver in an actual HOSPITAL) that works with an OBGYN.  Baby Bear did NOT want to come out and my midwife was incredibly patient and knew that she was descending by progressing very slowly.  I pushed a ridiculous amount of time (6+ hours Mr. BBH says) but she eventually came out with a cone head! She was healthy and I was happy that my midwife did not rush her out since she was going to come on her own. {I also had a really supportive team of Mr. BBH and my awesome Dula Debi.}

  SO now fast forward to our Michigan move... I had to get a 6 week post natal check-up from Baby Bear's birth and found the closest doctor that took my insurance. He was very nice so I just continued to go to him and did not take the time to look for a midwife.  

Once I got pregnant with #2, I found out that Dr. Banooni does not deliver at the hospital that my insurance pays for.  I Desperately looked for a midwife, but our insurance DMC Care, does not include midwives in their plan or in their hospital system  at all.  Sad for two reasons: Midwives probably cost the insurance company much less money then medical interventions and Midwives are paid less then Doctors so that is good for the hospital budget.  I personally felt that the birth philosophy of midwifery has is more along the lines of how I want to birth my baby.  

We love Dr. Banooni and I would let him deliver #2.  He is always caring and remembers things about us (I am sure that he writes them in the chart, but he ACTUALLY takes the time to look!) He even greats Baby Bear and speaks to her in Hebrew.  He is very hard to replace.  He did tell me though that he would not let me push for as along as the midwife did but we would worry about that later or discuss options when I was further along.  

Since I have to switch doctors to deliver at a DMC hospital, I met a new Doctor for this month's check-up.  He was recommended by a good friend and also by Dr. Banooni.  He was really nice until I told him my concern that I wanted to be able to deliver without intervention if this baby is as stubborn as Baby Bear.  He said something like {I don't remember the exact words} "We don't have the same time commitments as Midwives" Meaning that he would be too much in a rush to let the natural process happen.  I really do not want any unnecessary intervention like forceps, vacuum, episiotomy or c-section just because the Doctor is lazy.  If there is something with the baby needing to get out, then I understand those medical interventions being necessary.   Now we are stuck on what to do but I think that most Doctors are going to have that same philosophy.  What to do?
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  1. Following from Mom's Monday Mingle!

    Such an eye opening post on different views :)

    Please stop by & say Hello, if you haven't already. (And follow)


  2. So sorry to hear that! If you still have a bit of time, do continue to look for doctors. One thing to note, delivery the second time is usually a whole lot faster, so that is something positive!!
    Visiting from the mommy mingle. Do visit when you have the time!

  3. Can I play devil's advocate- are you sure that is what he meant? It may have been he was poorly trying to communicate what your first doctor had said, that typically doctors won't let you push as long as midwives?

    I hope your delivery goes just as you hope! If it is at all encouraging for you both my babies were VERY stubborn and sunny side up each delivery required in the 4 hour range for pushing after a long laboring time. I delivered in a hospital with just the nurses and doc.s and was never rushed and in fact really encouraged to go with natural methods over drugs. And I agree, even though it isnt the route we went, insurance should start covering midwives more consistently.


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