Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Garden in Bloom Update

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garden with pepper, squash, tomato, broccoli, cabbage

Here is a picture of our garden with the cucumbers in bloom now too and our broccoli is starting to sprout an edible bloom! Baby Bear and I watched a bee pollinate out cucumber flowers. It flew from yellow bloom to yellow bloom as Baby Bear said "wow".  We had to place some impromptu trellises  since the cucumber vines were winding around everything and taking over.  I also hung a string across the back of the garden and trained the vines so that they are covering the back instead of overgrowing on top of the peppers and squash (you can't really see them in the photo).  Our tomato plants are doing incredible and have produced a pint of cherry tomatoes a day for the past week! The second tomato plants with the larger size tomatoes is also growing but not as crazy and prolific as the cherry tomato.  

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