Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Take Back to School Shopping LOCAL & handmade

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Back to school shopping adds are all around us.  What if we could keep all of our back to school dollars local? This whole post idea started when I went to a fundraiser at my local boutique mall for The Friendship Circle.  They have a toy shop that had a kids glider bike that we wanted to get for Baby Bear for her birthday.  I know online it was a few dollars less, but the money that I spent at Toyology all stayed in the community.  Especially in our local Detroit community, a lot of local businesses have closed due to the bad economy.  My two things that I would like to share my money if I had a choice where it went would be to give money to the community and also to artists (like myself).  

Handmade Finds for Back to School
{or make your own}

Recycled Backpacks by OneWomanStudio

Monster Backpacks by JAZsSTITCHES 

Reusable snack bags handmade by MelsSells
or you can get their PDF pattern and make your own

Japanese Paper Wrapped Pencils by Maoiliosa 

Shark Pencil Case by Minnebites

Composition Books by PaperHeartsCouncil

What are you doing for Back to School Shopping? Let us know and send us links if you have made some supplies at home!

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  1. Love all of these items! The shark pencil case is especially awesome! Thanks for including my upcycled bags :)


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