Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Awesome Green Mattress Review

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My journey to find a green mattress and pillow solution started when we purchased our last mattress.  We love our current mattress, but it had horrible off gassing problems when we purchased it.  We had to air out the room for around a month and keep our air purifier going when we slept for the first few months. We looked for a green option, but we could not find anything that was a similar feel to the gentle support of the foam mattress.   I wanted something better for Baby Bear that I did not have to worry about her breathing in toxic chemicals 

We tried out a Hybrid-Nation Visco Pure Pillow that was sent to us to see how we liked it.  

When I felt it with my hands, it had a similar feel as the current memory foam pillow but it is much lighter.  When I put my head on the pillow there is an incredible cooling sensation.  I forgot how much I love a cold pillow because I have not had that since we switched to the foam pillows we currently use!  Even in the hot weather that we have been having, I woke up cool and refreshed without 'sweaty head'.  

What makes them a Green Company?
  • They source from natural plant materials like corn, soy and bamboo to create sustainable polyols (the stuff that makes the foam)
  • No formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, bromine, mercury, or chromium
  • All excess materials are recycled and reused for things like carpet padding, dog bedding and even recycled into new raw materials  
  • Low VOC and no dangerous off gassing

We are going to purchase a crib mattress for our newest addition.  They are $499 for the regular visco pure and $599 for the fusion gel. 

To look at their mattress selection go here
To buy a pillow go here 


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  5. However, it was so costly that only institutions such as hospitals could afford them. Now, forty years on, memory foam is a lot cheaper and memory foam mattresses can be bought by anybody who wants one for a few hundred dollars.


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