Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pretend {upcycled} Make-Up Kit for the Eco Chic Glam Girl

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Pretend {upcycled} Make-Up Kit for the Eco Chic Glam Girl

Baby Bear is a girly girl and there is nothing that I can do buy embrace it!  She loves to have her nails polished with Piggy Paint, a natural non-toxic nail polish for kids. 
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It is really fun for her to have a kid friendly safe product to use, but she also wanted to play with my make-up and brushes.  I didn't want her playing with my make-up though since it always ended in a big mess!  I started asking around for old make-up containers that I could use with this idea in mind.  First find an old Make-Up bag to store all of your goodies in and then there are 2 parts to this project- the powders and the lipsticks.

 Compact & Eye Shadow

Nail Polish
Old Compact and Eye Shadow Containers

Clean our your old containers and let them dry.  For this part you will want to go outside for ventilation. Pick a nail polish color that you want to use and pour a generous amount into the area that holds the make-up.  Gently moved it around in circular motions to cover the entire surface.  

If you did not put enough nail polish, now is the time to add more. Leave it outside to dry 24-48 hours.  You can get creative and use bright colors or stick with colors that are similar to what would the container was originally used for like this foundation powder above. 


Oven Bake-able Clay
Old Lipstick tubes
Heavy Duty Glue

Clean out your lipstick tube as best as you can.  Then soak your tubes in vinegar for a few hours and scrub out as much of the lipstick that you can.  Let dry.

Now roll out a log with your clay that is the approximate size of the lipstick.

Cut off the top slant.  Now roll and shape the lipstick so that it will fit into the tube.  

Make sure you can still move it up and down.  Then bake per the directions of the clay.

Glue the lipstick in place with a dab of glue on the bottom using heavy-duty glue.  I used Elmer's All Purpose Glue. 

Now its time to play!


  1. This is too cute Brooke- you are so creative:)

  2. Oh my heck, this is brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. My little girls will love it!!


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