Sunday, July 8, 2012

Garden in bloom

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Here is our awesome garden in bloom.  One of the tomato plants has gone out of control and is spilling over the side!  We have already harvested some tomatoes, lettuce and tons of herbs from our herb garden.  

garden blooming with vegetables

Jealous? It is not too late to get started on a great DIY project, teaching experience for your children and healthy eating experience for your family. You will want to go to the store and get already sprouted starter plants and a large planting box if you don't want to plant on the ground.   Try the Earth Box.
earth box garden box
buy the  Earth Box   
Don't think you have room for a garden? Think again! There are tons of solutions for planting on top of a fence, in a window box, or just a bunch of different pots!  

Our association decided to let us keep the garden for 'this year', so the saga continues...

Update us on your garden, send us photos!

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