Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gender Revel Party

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Baby Bear Hugs Gender Reveal Party-Its a ---!
gender reveal cupcake showing pink

We found out the gender of #2 and wanted a fun way to share the gender with our family.  I was thinking about a cake or cupcakes and even checked pinterest to see what was out there.  We decided to make stuffed cupcakes for our family to open.

Unfrosted Cup Cakes
2 different colored frostings 
Apple corer or other small cylinder to puncture the cupcake
Frosting bag or gun
Sprinkles to distract the eye or other top decoration


Use your apple corer to make a hole that goes into the center of the cupcake (do not go all the way through).

Now insert your frosting color for the center. Do not fill over the top like the cupcakes in the background! I had to go through and take some of the pink out since you have to cover with the top color. 

frosting a cupcake with pregnant belly in view
You can see my belly in this photo and my dirty little secret that I used really processed frosting
To frost the top part, put the 2nd color in your frosting bag. I found it easier to spin the cupcake and make a swirl on the top.  Then after I was done, I used a clean knife that I wet with cold water to smooth out the lines very carefully.  If the knife get frosting on it, then re-clean and keep going!

Now add your topping.  I used sprinkles on the top but you can use anything fun, so get creative!

~The Big Reveal~

#2 is a girl

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