Monday, July 9, 2012

Pregnancy Fitness Must-Haves

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Baby Bear Hugs Pregnancy Fitness Must Have List
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I was working really hard to get in shape/keep in shape after Baby Bear and I have committed to continue on this path.  I I gained too much weight during the pregnancy and I was so hungry when nursing that I didn't lose the weight like I would have wanted to.  I DID work out though.  I woke up early every morning before work and either walked the dog for a good 40 minutes or swam at the Evanston YMCA.  Plus I was like Ken from The Office eating breakfast and second breakfast at work with some of my coworkers-OY! Our jewelry manufacturers would always bring me sweets that their wives had made and I had no willpower.    

I am continuing to spin, do TRX, and other cardio machine workouts 5 days a week.  I have also taken a trainer to work with me one-on-one in addition to my regular routine to make sure that I am doing the correct positioning.  

Not only will working out help you prevent excess weight gain, but it also will ease or prevent back pain and other discomforts,boost your energy level, reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, pregnancy-related high blood pressure and postpartum depression plus it will increase stamina and muscle strength, which helps you prepare for labor.  (Mayo Clinic) If you have not been on a fitness routine, talk to your doctor first about starting one.  Prenatal Yoga and Water Aerobics classes are great ways to start if you have not been training in the past.

Here are some wardrobe starters to get you into the spirit

Pregnancy Undies
pregnancy underwear that fits under the belly
Undies from Motherhood Maternity

I never purchased these when I was pregnant with Baby Bear, but I decided to try them with #2.  They are SO much more comfortable then having my undies roll up under my belly.  Plus they have a much nice silhouette under clothes since they are made to fit with a belly.  Great for everyday and not just working out!

Workout Tops

maternity workout shirtmaternity workout top
You don't want to be hanging out of your shirt or be uncomfortable while working out.  The maternity workout shirts are super long so you don't need to worry! (Be sure to wear a great sports bra with your top.)

Bathing Suit

maternity swim suitmaternity swim suit

Now is not the time to hide at home! Even if you don't usually put on a swim suit, now is the time to buy one and use it!  The water take all of the pressure off your sore body and swimming is a great activity at any fitness level.  

The Perfect Pant

lululemon maternity yoga wear

I love Lululemon workout gear.  They do not have any maternity specific clothes, but their clothes are so well made, that they hold up to all of the stretching and sweating you can do even while pregnant.  I wore my Be Still Crop pants almost every day with Baby Bear (not just for working out).  Plus you get free alterations to make sure that they fit like a glove.  They even have a goal setting worksheet on their site. 

Pilates Ball
fitness ball for pregnancy and birth
Photo from Toronto Women Fitness
I am sure that my best friend is giggling about this one!  She kept telling me to get one with Baby Bear.  You can use the fitness ball for exercise, labor, and bouncing to calm a baby. I even had one that was a chair at work.

Head on over to the Gym or stop by Fit Pregnancy to get started


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