Sunday, July 1, 2012

Love of the Dog and the Baby

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My cousin jokes that our dog Azit can been seen in all of the pictures of Baby Bear. 

 {not only like this obvious food scavenger photo}

We adopted Azit for out our late Daschound Max.  Max and I were a pair long before I met Mr. BBH.  He moved with me all the way to Israel and we were very attached to one another.

For ME he was the most wonderful dog in the world, but he never really cared for anyone else (besides a select few that did not include Mr. BBH).  

Since it was a package deal, Mr. BBH had not choice but to accept Max as our pet.  When he got older and started losing his hearing, he would stand on the table and howl when we were not home.  We could hear him outside and would 'catch' him in the act (since he could not hear us coming home).  

This is when we got Azit to be his companion.  I convinced Mr. BBH to come to Paws Chicago {the most incredible no kill shelter in the world} along with Max to pick out a companion.  I had another small dog in mind, but Chaim fell in love with Azit and Max liked her too. They had some issues, but Max just really needed Azit to be his ears for him.  

Azit always played the role of watching out for her sibling.  When Baby Bear was born, she had the same steadfast devotion to being near Baby Bear as she did to having Max around.

Azit really just watches Baby Bear more then anything.  She has to be near her to make sure that she is OK and will often sit between her and the babysitter or friend that is over. 

She will also check on Baby Bear when she is sleeping and tends to stay with Baby Bear always in her sight.


Part of it may be her herding tendencies, but Baby Bear loves her too and often asks about her or calls her to come.   

We feel really lucky that Baby Bear has a pet to grow up with any understand how to behave around animals. 

She even gives Azit her food since she know where the bin is and how to use the scooping cup but knows that people food is not for dogs.

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