Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pizza By The Pond @ Love Tree Farm, Wisconsin

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When we were visiting my brother and sister-in-law, we went to the coolest place for my brother's birthday dinner/father's day.  It is called 
Pizza By The Pond in Grantsburg, WI
It is a short drive from Minneapolis and there is a beautiful nature preserve and trail system pretty close to it in Taylors Falls, MN. 

wood burning oven and fresh pizza at pizza by the pond

Mary and her son cook the pizza in a wood burning clay and brick oven using fresh ingredients and cheese that they produced on the farm.  They have both sheep and cow cheese.  

pizza baking at pizza by the pond

The pizza is so fresh and amazing!  Baby Bear Loved her Cheese pizza slice.  We had the vegetarian pizza with all those beautiful greens in the photo above.  The warm and delicious pizza just melts in your mouth with the sheep cheese. 

baby eating pizza made with goat cheese

The Grotto is located at the entrance to the cheese cave where they cure all of their cheese.  

family eating at lovetree farm pizza by the pond

The grotto had space for dining with some tables and chairs.  It was raining outside and we stayed dry inside the structure.  

The whole grotto structure is built using sustainable and recycled materials.  It is insulated on the walls with bailed tires and sheep fur! They charged for people to bring their tires to dump ($5 per) and had a company come to bale the tires and were able to cover their costs for a free building material.  What a great use of resources! 

sustainable built grotto pizza by the pond

The other incredible part of our visit was their farm.  You can walk over to wear the dogs, cows, chickens, and sheep live or hike on their beautiful property. Baby Bear loved seeing all of the animals and came around the table one by one to take us to the animals and then back to get another adult!  

farm with sheep

There was a new litter of puppies and sheep in the same enclosure and it was just incredible to see the two species playing together!

~be sure to take a trip~
There is a Pizza Only Menu and you need to bring your own drinks, snacks, and picinic gear.  
Be sure to check their site their hours and to get directions, or visit them for cheese at St. Paul farmer's market.  

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