Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Raising a Bilingual Child {2 years 5 months}

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raising a bilingual child who is developing a language preference
raising a bilingual child

Baby Bear is starting to develop a language preference. I speak only Hebrew with Baby Bear.  Sometimes when I am speaking to Mr. BBH we start to speak in English.  I think this is where we start to get in trouble.  Baby Bear knows that we also speak both languages because she hears everyone speak to us in English.  Lately she has been speaking to us in English at home even if we are speaking Hebrew to her.  I will answer her English with the sentence repeated in Hebrew as a question to which to will answer us in Hebrew with yes and switch to Hebrew.  

She loves to also repeat what we say to her in Hebrew slowly digesting and enjoying each new word as she repeats it.  I wish that I knew a way to get her to answer to us always in Hebrew.  I have many friends who understand but cannot speak a language because their parents did not follow through with making them speak.  Any advise out there?

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