Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating a Village to Raise Your Child

Pin It Now! Creating a Village to Raise Your Child
I fully believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  I was reminded how beautiful this is yesterday when I was at a Super Bowl party with a friend.  

My close friend has an incredible village.  At the Super Bowl party, there were 4 little kids (including mine), 2 tweens and were all so comfortable with all of the people at the party.  There were three generations of their close knit network of friends and everyone looked after the kids.  After Baby Bear got comfortable too, so grabbed hands of adults there and asked them to play with her.  The other younger kids are so comfortable in social situations since they have these large 'family' parties all the time.  The 'grandmas' get together during the week a lot during the week and will come and babysit at the drop of the hat for their adopted grandchildren. It is so beautiful! I hope that everyone is so lucky that they can create this village to help raise their children. 

The reason that we moved from Chicago {crazy awesome big city with lots to do and great friends that we made} to Detroit was for Baby Bear to grow up close to my family.  It was such a hard decision at the time, but it has paid off times a million for Baby Bear and Mini Bear.  They both have close relationships with my parents, siblings, and grandmother.  

My other village will be the staff and campers at Summer Camp.  We also will be spending the summer with the 2 Bears at a Summer Camp {My BBH on the weekends and poor Azit the dog has to stay home} where I am on staff.  I always wanted to have a childhood like that!  So many older kids to look up to and so many incredible outdoor activities.  Baby Bear will get to go in the Staff Kids camp program and Mini will be there too just hanging out.  I can't wait!

What is your village like?

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