Friday, February 8, 2013

Do I need to go G-Free?

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I went a homeopatic practitioner to try to fix my milk production issues.  It was partly the suggestion of a reader and partly a friend that is going to see this practitioner.  If I had endocrine issues they might be able to be fix by someone that works with alternative medicine.  

I tried so many things with Baby Bear, it was worth a shot on this one last thing.  I had to drive almost an hour to get there.  The Homeopath told me that my pancreas was not functioning properly and I need to cut out carbohydrates since my body was having trouble breaking them down. He gave me a bunch of herbs and vitamins. When I looked into  carbohydrate sensitivity, I saw a lot about gluten.  I am going to try to cut our gluten and see what happens. It is not about celiac, but rather the fact that modern wheat, rye, barley and triticale are harder for the body to digest. 

Do you have gluten issues? What are some easy things to make that are kid friendly?

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  1. We can help with this! Both Ben and Brodie try to be GF as much as possible :)


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