Thursday, February 28, 2013

It must be the G

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I gave up Gluten for a few weeks now.   Right away I felt really good!  I thought that it might just be one of those 'diet rushes' that you get when you start a new way of eating and feel awesome for the first part and then get into habit and don't feel that initial 'high' again.  I tested this when I ate rice with orzo in it (how harmful could a little tiny bit of gluten be to my tummy?).  About an hour later my stomach started to really hurt and I couldn't figure out why until I remembered the orzo.  Could it really be that little bit of orzo that hurt it?

I heard from other people who are gluten sensitive that do not have celiac that they have the same reaction when gluten is taken out of the diet.  It never hurt my stomach in that way before, but now that I don't eat it, the reaction is much stronger.  On Sunday I did it again because they had coney dogs and bumpy cake at our Purim party since it was all Kosher and delish.  I knew that I would probably get a stomach and thought I didn't care until after I ate it.  Ugh.  I guess the answer is no more gluten for me.  Boo..

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