Thursday, February 21, 2013

30 Second Hamentashen Cookies Recipe

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30 Second Hamentashen Cookies Recipe

I wanted to make Hamentashen with Baby Bear but I needed something easy that she could do almost totally herself since she is in a 'me' phase. I used an easy 'recipe' that my aunt gave me to do it.

bread rolling pin jam for hamentashen recipe

Cheap light and fluffy *Bread (white works the best)
Jam, Chocolate Chips, Nutella, or other fun filling
Cup or round cookie cutter
rolling pin 

*The key to this recipe is to get really cheap light and fluffy bread so it will mush like dough.

baby cooking

First take your bread and put the round cup on the bread to easily remove the circle shape. Little hands can easily pick off the rest of the bread.

little girl rolling dough with a rolling pin

Next roll it.  If you want it to be a sweeter cookie, sprinkle some sugar over the bread before rolling it.

bread with jelly jam

Place a dollop of the filling in the middle

little hands making a hamentashen cookie

Add a tiny dab of water in the corners that are forming the shape and pinch it together and you are done!  You can either eat and enjoy like this or toast in the toaster before eating. 

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