Thursday, April 25, 2013

When to take a kid to the ER

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Mini has had croup 2 times already.  So the other day when she started to sound a little croupy when she cried, I wasn't so worried.  Mr. BBH was worried the first time that Mini had it, but the nurse told me to trust my mother's instinct and to worry if she was struggling to breathe.   

{side note-I love our Pediatrician's office!! This is our 3rd one.. our first retired and we didn't like the other..3rd times a charm!!}  

So this tonight she woke up to nurse and wouldn't go back to sleep.  She was wide awake so I took her to the living room. I put her in the swing and she was really raspy (the medical term is strider).  I woke up Mr. BBH and he is in the medical field and was worried that since her airway is so small.  So at 4:30 he drove her to the ER while I stayed with Baby Bear.  She got a breathing treatment and steroids.  She is feeling under the weather today but does not have that sound from breathing, only if she cries (it is like a cry cough).  

We had to follow up with the Pediatrician today and she said that Mini needs to be outside in the cold to help her croup.  I bundled up and walked around in the cold for 2 hours (after it stopped raining.) She was able to take a really good nap since she could breathe easily. I almost thought about letting her sleep on the balcony in her buggy bassinet.  

baby with a breathing mask

Mini was OK and probably would have been OK to wait until the morning. We both wanted to be on the wrong side just in case but paying our co-pay is not fun. What do you think-
When do you think it is OK to go to the ER?

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