Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer at Camp

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I am so lucky and excited to be able to work at Tamarack Camp  this summer to create a brand new art program!  I literally 'got my feet wet' when visiting the building project last week.  

This photo is actually AFTER I got stuck in the mud!  I was joking with my friend that I was going to walk in the puddles since I dug out my rain boots for the trip.  I stepped into the puddle and it was really sticky, so I stayed on the path that looked dry-er.  Next thing I knew, I got stuck in the mud!  I tried to move my feet and sunk deeper {all the way to my knees}.  I was so stuck that 2 workers had to come and help pull me out of the mud! 

These are all different buildings pictured!  

I will have so many different areas~ crafting, wood {aka projects}, sewing, jewelry/metal/glass, drawing & painting!

I have a big job ahead of me just filling up these buildings with equipment, tables, and supplies and that is even before I get to train staff and start programming for the campers... but I can't wait!!

The little Bears are so lucky, they get to be campers for the summer! 

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