Sunday, April 7, 2013

Feeling good about that 'Starbucks Habit'!

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I admit it, I LOVE a cup of Starbucks to start my day.  I usually brew it at home, but I do treat myself from time to time.  I noticed at Starbucks that they are now advertising that they give their coffee grounds away for your garden!

coffee grounds from starbucks

Coffee grounds are a safe way to fertilize your garden and you don't have to worry about little hands getting into it since it is safe.  You can add it to a worm compost, or just put it straight on your garden. 

When I needed some coffee ground for my garden, Starbucks gave me a HUGE bag of grounds.  You might want to even bring a bucket to keep it in in your car.  My car smelled so delicious! 

coffee grounds from starbucks

Major Benefits:
Coffee grounds are free
They keep moisture
They are easy to store
They smell good compared to other natural and organic garden compost/fertilizer
So if you want to start your coffee ground nourished garden, head off to the nearest coffee shop. They would gladly give you as much coffee ground your garden can hold and start nourishing your plants to be healthier in an organic and safe way.
{with permission from Ground to Ground}

I read on Ground to Ground about the benefits of why coffee grounds are so good for your garden (better then just any type of compostable material).  Shane let me share a post from his site

Millions of pots of coffee and tea are brewed everyday. And where do the tons of coffee grounds and tea bags go? They go into the trash. How thoughtless it is to just throw these organic materials away when there is surely of better use.

It is good to know that coffee grounds have become an increasingly popular material to use for compost and fertilizer. Methods of preparations has been experimented and developed by garden enthusiasts and coffee grounds are put to use.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Coffee Grounds?

Coffee Grounds vs. Manure

Instead of using manure, coffee grounds have become a more nutritious source of nutrients for plants. Using coffee grounds for plants and garden soil eliminates the risk of increase of pathogens entering the soil.  They help kill diseases living in the seeds and roots of the plants, keeping them healthy for growth.  At the same time, it is economically friendly as purchases of chemically based fertilizers are minimized. It is also environmentally friendly since you help the trash going into landfills where they are only left to rot and put to waste.

Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium

Coffee grounds are a good source of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium that are greatly beneficial for the growth of plants. These are also beneficial for compost piles. Coffee helps maintain the balance of nitrogen which is helpful in decomposition of organic materials. Nitrogen is also very valuable for the fast-growth of vegetables.

Earthworms love to feed on coffee grounds. They are attracted to them. So as they feed and move into the soil, they help spread the nutrients and fertilize the plants. They also aerate the soil, inviting more oxygen for the roots.

Snail and Slug Killer
The caffeine and acid present in coffee grounds were proven to be fatal on slugs and snails that infest the plants. Spreading or spraying coffee on the soil around the plants would prevent slugs and snails from attacking them.

The grounds help increase the acidity of the soil which is helpful for the growth of acid loving garden plants.  However, it must not be used for non-acid loving plants for it may kill them.

Improves the Soil
Coffee grounds make the soil easier to till, thus it is easy to put nutrients and also easy for the plants to absorb them.

Drink up for Mother Earth!

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  1. What a great idea...I commend Starbucks for going somewhat green!!!! We use those terrible k-cups, so I never have the grounds I used to have, but I have a terrible addiction to Iced Caramel Coffee's from Starbucks!!! Thanks for the tip! Have a great week :)


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