Tuesday, April 2, 2013

$#*! digital natives say

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Baby Bear just assumes that all screens are touch screens.  She has been able to talk to her grandparents through Skype since she was born and knew how to use the iPhone before she turned 1.  
Skype-ing with Grandparents
It just cracks me up with her vocabulary and she says the funniest things

She was playing with 'her' iPod touch and it was making clicking noises, so she said "Ema, I'm texting"

Baby Bear just assumes that you can FaceTime anytime you want to talk to someone.

Facetime conversation

But the FUNNIEST thing is something that my cousin's son said: His mom asked him (while he was playing) if he wanted to sing a song for everyone.  He continued to play and run around.  Then his mom said something like "I thought you were going to sing a song" to which he answered "I'm buffering"!  How cute! My sister told me the story!!

Another favorite is a video that I saw (go to 8 minutes into the  video)

I once asked my grandmother what she thought about the iPod touch when it first came out.  (We used it to show her some photos).  She said that as a little girl she could not have even conceptualized the technology that we have today.  I remember reading in elementary school that by the year 2000, there would be a flying car.  I waited and waited and that never happened! BUT, at that same time I was reading that, we used an apple computer at school to play games and type on and at home we had a Tandy100 computer. 

Our school taught computers and we did some very progressive things for that time, like animation.  I won an award for my animation that I made of the big bang using just a Paint type program on the Apple computer.  We had Prodigy and Compuserve (very basic chat technology) before AOL.  I remember thinking that AOL was cool because we would post on boards with our Youth Group friends after a convention.  Who would have thought that this is how our children would grow up with even more unimaginable technology to come. 

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