Sunday, April 14, 2013

My two little Bears

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I don't know how, but Baby Bear is ALREADY in love with boys!  You can tell by the way that she is squealing and giggling who she is talking to (she has a crush on certain boys that we know).  

How do little kids learn how to flirt and have crushes?

two little girls in a shopping cart
My two little Bears 
Baby Bear and Mini are getting along so nice now that Mini is more interactive.  She is 4 months old (can you believe how fast time has flown?)

Since she was able to follow things with her eyes, Mini has been watching her big sister.  She laughs and smiles every time Baby Bear plays with her or looks her way.  Mini even has a special sound that she makes for her big sister! 

2 sisters one in a stroller and the other a shopping cart

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