Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We love our KidKraft Shabbat Set

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Baby Bear and I want to recommend the 
KidKraft Shabbat Set

kidcraft shabbat set with candles challah

When we received the set, Baby Bear helped me open it and knew exactly what each item was for!  

baby playing with shabbat set by kidkraft

The set it all wood and very beautifully constructed.  Plus, it is perfect for little hands to grasp.  

There are only a few toys that Baby Bear will play with for hours on end and they both are from KidKraft.  (We also have the Hanuka Set) She likes the  different parts of the set that she can change around.  She can cut the challah and cover it up.  She can drink the wine and of course, she can light the candles.  

As a mother I feel that it is so important to reinforce our religious values and customs starting at a young age.  The Shabbat Set is a great educational toy and will grow with your kids.  As she gets older we will be able to learn the proper blessings and order that we say them in.  She will also continue to be able to play pretend with her Shabbat Set.  

Baby Bear's favorite part is the candle flame.  She will take it out and light the candles over and over. 

child blessing the shabbat candles with hands over eyes

 Baby Bear saying the blessings over her candle like her Mom does.  

kids table set for shabbat with kidkraft set

  We set the kids Shabbat table for Baby Bear and her friend Little Bird that came over for Shabbat dinner a few weeks ago.  

kidkraft logo
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Be sure to check out the KidKraft site, they have incredible products and great kids furniture.  We love the look and feel of KidKraft products and have a list of many more products that we want to buy.  The Wood Easel will be great for painting.  The Dollhouse Bookcase is the perfect size for a play room or kids room.  Baby Bear is almost ready for her own bed, and I have my eye on the nantucket set!  This would be so cute as is or personalized.  


  1. Love that baby bear! It's so cute that she calls all candles "shabbat"and covers her eyes when lighting them.

  2. Love the wooden toys. KidKraft makes great stuff for toddlers. The dollhouse bookcase is sold at http://www.bestpricetoys.com/KidKraft/

  3. I love getting to see your daughter interact and play. What a sweet way to instill tradition!


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