Sunday, May 13, 2012

Babysitter checklist ~ Free Printable by Olive&Ruby

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We have an incredible FREE Printable by 
Olive&Ruby Kids designer Stephanie 

free babysitter checklist printables by olive & Ruby Kids

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I never know what to give babysitters when they come over with all of the necessary information.  It usually ends up with scribbles on a paper and oral instructions to the babysitter.  

I really wanted a nice sheet that could be given to babysitters and not just a scrap of notebook paper.  I  would like to have things clear so that if the babysitter needs anything, then they have all of the information in one place if they need to get a hold of me.  

We don't go out very much, but when we get a chance to have a date night, it is refreshing to know that everything is in place so Baby Bear has a smooth bedtime and the babysitter does not have a headache.  She is such a good baby, but bedtime for the 'non professional' (her Dad included) can be difficult if you do not follow her routine.  It is not very complex, she just knows what to expect and goes down without a peep.  Here is the routine: PJ/diaper, brush teeth, book, white noise, bedtime 'Shema' song while being held and patted on her back, then bed with her giraffe and doll and gets covered by her blanket.  So last night when the babysitter came, I made sure to give her the full instructions on my new printable and she was sleeping right away (last time she would not go to sleep).  Score for organized Momma!

Stephanie from Olive & Ruby Kids (formally Cabbages and Kings), designed an incredible pink & blue set for you to download, print, and personalize with your kids information to your hearts content!   I would recommend to print it out and have it laminated so you can just write with a dry erase and re-use.  

We purchased some of Stephanie's prints for Baby Bear's Bedroom Decor.  The designs are fresh, modern and fun additions to any room.   They are also perfect baby gifts because they are personalized and handmade.  

olive & ruby print from etsy

olive & ruby custom design wedding invitation

She also designs wedding invitations and birth announcements.


How are you going to give this to he sitter? Let me know in the comments!

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