Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Heirloom Project II

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Here is my newest installment of my Family Heirloom Project Series.  I am using heirlooms to tell the stories of my family and where they came from.  

There were a few different words that I looked into when deciding what to call the series.  I chose 'Heirloom' because {according to wikipedia}

"In popular usage, an heirloom is something, perhaps an antique or some kind of jewelry, that has been passed down for generations through family members."

Silver Plated Bowl

 Here is an ornately patterned footed bowl with plate.  It was from my Great Grandma Reva Goodman (Guggie).  We are not sure about the history of this piece and it looks really interesting, if you know anything, please leave a comment! Hey Mom,  this one really needs a good polishing!  

Silver Plated Carved Tea Pot 

This is a silver plated coffee pot that is also from Guggie.  She had a lot of fancy silver items that she used for serving. Reva and her husband did OK during the depression.  Lois was a life insurance salesman for Mutual of New York and Reva worked at Sander's Chocolates (a Detroit Favorite) before she was married.

Czech Glass Fish

Czech Glass fish that I purchased on a trip to the Czech Republic.  Not an heirloom yet, but it is still meaningful.  I got this for my Dad because we always go boating in the summer as a family and this reminded me of that.  

Pewter Candlesticks

Pewter Candlesticks that my Mom got for her wedding as a gift from Guggie.  Reva and Lois had 3 children.  The was Melvin and he lived only until he was 5 because he had something wrong with his digestive system.  This is something that can now be easily fixed.  Louis was their daughter and my Grandfather Bernard (Buddy) was born in 1927 [died 1970].  Reva survived all of her children and husb

large peacock ceramic vase

This vase is from Esther Remer (lived to be 68) 
and Morris Gerber (lived to be 88) born around 1880 in Podulsk.  Both immigrated to the USA when they were very young and they met at a party when he was 23 and he was 18.  I am named after my Grandma Esther 

They purchased two of these in 1939 at a DuMochelle auction and they kept the urns on the porch of their Detroit house. 


Crystal Candy Dish with Lid and Gold stand.  This is from Edith (Marcus) Belfer born 1900 in Missouri.  She married George Thomas Belfer (born in Russia) and they later moved to Grand Rapids, MI. 

George had a candy business in Rockford, Michigan and the KKK burned a cross in front of it and he closed it.  He later invented the process to clean the barrels for transport and started George Belfer Drum and Barrel .  

My mom likes this dish because her 'Nanny' (what she called her Grandma Edith) always chocolate covered raisins in the dish.  Her Nanny loved to eat candy. 

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