Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY living wall tutorial

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This is by far the coolest product that I have been lusting over.  I always wanted to have my own living wall and thought about constructing my own, but the biggest hesitation was keeping my walls clean while watering the plants.  Bright Green's GroVert system has made this easy.  

living wall art DIY tutorial framed indoor garden grovert

There are so many applications for this product.  It is called the GroVert by Bright Green.   You can either make one frame like the tutorial, or you can use the box as a canvas and join them together to use inside or outside your house.

materials needed to make the groVert living wall planter
materials needed to make the groVert living wall planter
GroVert living wall container (with or without the frame)
Potting Soil
Enough plants to fill your boxes 
Moss (optional)

GroVert wall bracket, garden, living wallgrovert water reservoir garden living wall

This is what the GroVert looks like in the back.  There is a water reservoir that you can access to water your plants easily from the top with no mess.  

The water will trickle down and then the water pads hold water.  

The watering pads should be in place before you place your soil.  You will want to start by filling with soil up to the bottom of the slit.  

You will need to use the correct potting soil for the type of plants that you are using.  You can use edible plants and herbs for outside planting, succulents, flower, indoor plants, etc-the sky is the limit.  

One more thing to consider is that you will also need the correct growing conditions for the plants for them to thrive, so think about that when choosing your plants.  Overall, the plants that work best, are ones that like to dry out between watering.   

Take our your plant from the container and gently squeeze the roots to break up the pattern left from the container.  Place them so that the plants will droop nicely in the correct direction. 

  Fill in a few plants and then add the rest of the soil to those plants before moving on.  Push down gently on the soil to make sure that you filled it to the top.  Work on a few boxes and a time and if you are going to add moss, now is the time to start that.  

You will want to soak the moss before you place it. Just wrap it around in pieces and press in place.  The purpose of the moss is to cover the part of the container that is visible, but is not necessary because as the plants grow, they will naturally expand.  

Here is the finished wall container. 

Now fill your watering can

Do a super-soaker watering the first time.  You will then want to leave it flat for 24 hours.  

Thanks Planterra for showing us and letting Baby Bear do the watering!


  1. Some of your projects blow me away!! You are so awesome ;)

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