Monday, May 21, 2012

Dress Up & Make Believe Kit

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Dress up and Make-Believe Kit a baby bear must-have
dress up and make believe kit DIY

Every kid needs to use their imagination during play.  The best way to do that is to have a dress up chest with things that kids can use to pretend with.  You do not need to have all literal items because kids will use their imagination.  I have collected some things for Baby Bear that are starting out her kit.

storage bench

We keep most of Baby Bear's toys in our living room since that is where we spend a lot of time.  Mr. BBH and I do not like to have obvious toy storage, so we use this 'Grown-Up' bench to hide dress up things.  You can select anything to keep your Dress Up things in, so if you do not have a fancy box, just paint or decorate a cardboard box. 

cowboy shoes bootsfancy shoes

Things you may want to put in your chest
Fancy Hats
Worker Hats
Animal Masks and Ears
Magic Wands
Super Hero Cape

Ask friends and family for old items that you can use or go to garage sales.  Kids do not need anything specific or fancy to  get started pretending. 

I keep Baby Bear's fancy jewels organized in an old make-up bag so that they do not get lost.  

baby with stethoscope

baby with stethoscope

baby with stethoscope

 Baby Bear likes to play nurse with her medical kit and even makes the sounds that go along with a heart beat.  She remembered it by herself, but you can hear my voice in the middle because I wanted her to keep doing it since it was so cute.  

Kids love to practice being adults and re-creating things that happen in their daily lives.  Make sure to give them the tools to learn and the freedom to use their imagination.  If it is all together in one box, then they can safely explore instead of going in your closets and cabinets to find the things that they want to use.  Make sure to make-believe with them!  

baby in PJs and red heels

What are you going to add to your kit?

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