Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Spinning makes everything all better!

Pin It Now! Spinning classes are my newest obsession.  [I would have to say that it is OK to have an obsession or addiction to an aerobic activity though.]  I can't get enough of spinning and I even think about it when I am not doing it.  When I hear certain songs or a great beat, I wish that I was on the bike.  Besides burning calories, it is a great time to clear my head, push my limits and dAnCe!  The exercise facility were I go had really bad spinning bikes that were old and broken down, but last week they got new bikes and it has made my ride much less stressful. You never knew when the seat would fall or slide back and had to be really careful which is hard when you are peddling at 90+ MPH.

I also LOVE to go to R3- Real Rider Revolution . The R3 classes use a 360 bike that is stationary but moves in all directions as you control the bike.   It is an incredible workout because you mix the cardio and resistance the the regular spinning bikes by engaging your core for standing positions and using your upper body.  If R3 only had babysitting, then I would be there every day!

Spinning Bike

Real Ryder Spinning Bike
I just started spinning now because I was injured in a car accident almost 14 years ago.  I had 9 reconstructive surgeries on it and it does not have very much movement in one ankle.  I recently started going to physical therapy again and my amazing physical therapist Katie from DMC RIM Novi has made such a difference in my life.  I cannot run (something that I used to love to do) and have not felt that aerobic/endorphin 'high' for a really long time and I get that from spinning.  I would not have had the movement in my knees before and I am thrilled that I finally am seeing progress in my injury.  

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