Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Making Teaching Fun

Pin It Now! I love teaching and I try to make lessons very interactive for my Hebrew School Students.  Not only do I love teaching, I also feel that it is a really important part of the Jewish development of my students to have a connection to what I am teaching.  The part that makes it challenging is that it is a secondary school, so they have already had class that day, or they have to get up early on a Sunday to come to class.  Enter the Smart Board, the new tool that the Synagogue was given to help our Students to connect to our curriculum.

I have used the smart board for things like poll everywhere {which they LOVE, but can only do sparingly for the WOW factor}, wordle.net to show the idea of different prayers, and of course YOUtube.

I would really like to see a teacher use one during a lesson.  I was looking online at legacyheritage.com for lessons that I could use as samples, but they seem pretty remedial and uninteresting.  My teaching goal for Hebrew school is to make it different from the way that they are used to learning in 'regular' school.  If I try to engage them in the same way that a primary school teacher does, then they are not very receptive. Update- I am going to go to Hillel Day School this week to see a teacher using the board during a lesson!

click for the link
Please send me a great lesson plan so I can see what this thing really does! (in notebook)

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