Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Presents for Bloggers

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This is from kosheronabudget.com, but I am sharing with you!
Writing this blog is a labor of love. And while reciprocity is definitely not expected or required, if you did want to show a little Chanukah love – to me or any of your favorite bloggers – here are eight great ways.
#1. Comment on our blogs – Comments are such a huge source of encouragement for bloggers. They let us know that we’re not alone, that we’re blogging to real people, not computer bots. When a post resonates with you, please (continue to) take a second to let your favorite bloggers know.
#2. Like our blogs on Facebook –  I’m sure it’s similar for other bloggers, too. The social networking power of Facebook is awesome – and by liking all your favorite blogs, you get in on that fun! (Pssst… come like Baby Bear Hugs on Facebook if you haven’t already.)
#3. Interact with us on Facebook - Liking your favorite bloggers on Facebook is fabulous – but even better is interacting with us on our Facebook walls. Respond to questions, ask questions of your own, offer support, and “like” our updates. 
#4. Tell your friends about our blogs – When you take the time to tell your ‘real life’ friends about your favorite bloggers, that is the ultimate compliment.  Your personal recommendations are golden! Thank you – and keep it up!
#5. Subscribe to our blogs – Sometimes life gets busy, and we forget to check in with our favorite bloggers. That’s why subscribing to a daily email update is so great. Once a day, we pop into your email box to say hi.
Thanks for all of your support!

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