Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recycle Crazy

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I am a freecycle maniac, I admit it! I love to save something from the landfill {but not junk}. I am not a garbage collector, I only take really nice things that should not be tossed out in the first place.

I would have NEVER done this growing up. Living in Israel I learned the art of Upcycling. People would intentionally put things that they wanted other people to take out really nice where the garbage was so that anyone walking by could just take it. We got lots of really nice furniture that way for the apartment that we lived in in Tel Aviv.

So yesterday my neighbor had a whole huge box of toys that they put out to the trash. There were 2 doll strollers, a play tent with a crawling tube, probably 10 stuffed animals, a vase and more. This was all really nice stuff that should have been donated to Salvation Army.My husband saw them in the garage and rolled his eyes. {He know that we have found really awesome stuff that was being tossed out!} I took them into my garage and posted them on freecycle. We kept this doll stroller and one doll (that I sent through the washing machine last night). Baby Bear was so happy and pushed around the stroller everywhere she went.

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