Friday, December 23, 2011

Loving My Poor Man's Silk Screen

Pin It Now! I started making a few different freezer paper stencils to try out. I am a volunteer adviser for a girls teen youth group called Koach BBG.  They are doing a banner for a competition that they have every winter break where they compete against other Bnai Brith Chapters.  They needed some letters on it, so I suggested that they print out the words and then I gave them the Freezer Paper and an exacto knife.  It was really easy for the girls to do (just time consuming for all of the words).  They then ironed it onto felt.  This was synthetic felt made out of my favorite recycled bottle material called EcoFi.  I would usually iron it with a hot iron, but that would melt the material.  The iron had to be set on low and pressed very fast.  They then the painted over the stencil and it looked really nice! I will post a photo after they turn it in on Monday. 

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