Monday, April 2, 2012


Pin It Now! It seems that things are so crazy lately.  I have been rushing around and not been able to catch up on life since I was sick with Hand Foot & Mouth two weeks ago.  

It was really go a whole week without going to the gym to clear my head.  I used to loathe going to work out in the morning, but I still did it. Now I rush Baby Bear in the morning to great ready so that we can get there in time for me to go to a class.  That is my ME time and I really treasure it in order to be able to be a great mom to Baby Bear.  

She has blossomed so much recently.  She is starting to try to talk! She will play with her doll to practice words and songs that she learned.  I can hear her practicing in her room before she tells me she is ready to wake up.  It starts out with more gibberish and ends up sounding closer to what she wants to say.  If she can't say certain things, she will use other words that she knows.  She will say "done" when she does not want to do something!  

I am enjoying all of her fun, tantrums, playing, crying because I make time for myself every day.  Even if it is only the short time for a workout!  (She goes to the childcare). 

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