Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playdough Color Match Game

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play Dough color match game

Baby Bear has been feeling under the weather with a double ear infection and a cold. She has mostly been having PJ days and cuddling on the couch.  We pulled out some playdough and a few other things that were the same color as the dough that she had so we could match them up and break our lazy routine.   

Playdough (aka Play-Doh) with 3+ colors
2 objects with colors that match your playdough (we had sticks and animal molds)

The cuddle factor was really important today!


First I showed her how to match the color up so she had an example of what to do.  She was very eager to play, so you can see in the photo that she is already working with a yellow stick in her hand.  


It took her a while to get to the match part since playing with the dough and the sticks together is really fun.

Here are all there sets of colorful objects together so you can see what we used.  


She is starting to get the hang of it here


and here.


This is when she stated to get imaginative.  She is covering her eyes because she thinks they look like Shabbat Candles.  

Just remember to have fun with it while you are sneaking in the learning.

playdough collage

baby & momma

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