Saturday, April 28, 2012

Awesome DIY Mother's Day Craft

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I have been really busy with my in-laws visiting this past week and looked up some DIY ideas to pass along for Mother's Day.  

I decided that this one blew them all out of the water and so I am only sharing this blogger that I found, her name is Sarah Ortega.  

My background is in the Jewelry Business, so when I saw her DIY finger print necklace, I fell in love!!  

At the design and manufacturing house where I worked, we cast (in precious metals) and also created CAD designs with finger prints on them.  It is tricky to cast a finger print and finish the piece all while keeping the print in tact and doing the finger print in CAD, looks really cool, but it lacks the beautiful handmade quality.  

These faux silver print necklaces are so sweet and give endless possibilities.  I am going to try them for my gifts this week and I will share the photos.  

faux silver finger print necklace tutorial for mothers day
photo by Sarah Ortega

Thank you Sarah for letting me share this!

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