Monday, April 9, 2012

Family History in China, Glass & Silver Serving Pieces

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My mom gave a great idea.  She was cleaning out her china cabinet for Passover and started telling me the history of her family heirlooms.  I started snapping photos so that I could make a 'Who's Who?" of our items that have been passed down in our family.

family heirloom project stamp
Part ONE of the Series

The value in these items really is that they are branches in our family tree that we can tangibly touch.  Baby Bear can use the same things for holidays that her Great-Great-Great Grandparents used.  They evoke memories, senses, and meaning to our celebrations and everyday.

My parents are 3rd generation America, so the oldest antiques are not that old.  I also did a bit of research on my family before Baby Bear was born, so hopefully I can share that with you as we talk about each of the pieces. 

I do not know very much about the actual history of the pieces and where they came from, so if you know anything, please let me know too in the comments below!  

Guggie's Silver Painted Glass

Reva Goodman's Etched Glass and silver painted set with 2 candy dishes and relish dish.  Reva Goodman was my Great Grandma.  She was married to Louis Goodman (born in Russia).  

I came upon a distant relative that created a website with some of our family history, here is Reva Goodman (Born Rebekah Suravitz).  She was born in the US in 1895 in Scranton PA to Myer Suravitz [Lithuania] and Bertha (Asher) Suravitz [Austria-Hungry].  She was very progressive and even eloped with her husband.  She had an older 1/2 sister that was not married and so they forbade her to marry first.  She was married in 1917.

Flower Ceramic bowl by Riva Goodman

This is a Flower Ceramic bowl by Riva Goodman.  She was very talented! I love that I can trace some of my artistic talent and love back so far! 

Vase by Riva Goodman

She also created this ceramic vessel.  


I love this metal dancer vase.  It was also Reva Goodman's.  

Mint candy dish from Guggie

This Gold and Porcelain bowl with lid always had mints inside at my Great Grandma Reva Goodman's House.  We called her Guggie, because that is what my mom called her.  She always had those soft mints inside like these:

I call them Guggie mints since I remember eating them at her apartment when I was really little.  

woman ceramic sculpture

This woman statue also belonged to Guggie.

More to come in this series...
Tell us about your family heirlooms!

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  1. What a great way to remember and pass down family history. Looking forward to reading part 2.


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